Share your MS Project Plan Onsite:

No additional MS Project software licenses required

Project Addin licenses are an economical alternative to multiple MS Project licenses. Download this simple addin for MS Project. Project Addin gives you the ability to share your MS Project plan with other team members, whether or not they have MS Project licenses.

Updated in Real Time

Update other team members in real time, but more importantly, let them update you in real time. Users can enter changes to tasks, start dates, finish dates, completion rates, costs… The office has the information as soon as it’s recorded. Ideal for working with team members in separate offices or remote sites.

Control the information that is incorporated into MS Project

Import the changes, review, incorporate into the official MS Project plan as desired.
Push your updates out to team members.
Ground-breaking software that helps you manage your construction project, integrated with MS Project.

ProjectAddin™ for MS Project

A tool to share project plans with remote sites for construction projects

Project Management

Simple and easy to use software that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project and your project plan

ProjectAddin allows you to:

Share the MS Project plan with non-MS Project users

Project Changes in Construction

Our story

We developed ProjectAddin after years of using MS Project and Primavera to plan and track construction projects. The biggest challenge has always been getting good information from these applications. Along with all the other tasks that a busy project manager and busy site super must attend to, recordkeeping ends up low in the list of priorities.

To make it easy, we created an addin for MS Project that allows non-MS Project users to view the MS Project plan. A user can access information and enter updates and completion rates without the fear of damaging the master MS Project plan.

The information is updated in real time: Now team members can pull up the 2 week look ahead of the project plan on their laptops or smartphones. It’s easy to mark off what is complete, what is delayed, and what has been modified.

Photos can be incorporated for completed tasks and for changes.

A tool to manage change within construction projects

ProjectAddin makes managing projects easier.

Seamless integration with MS Project ensures that the project plan reflects ‘actuals’ on site. Site personnel can communicate site condition changes to the office. The project plan that the site works with is always the latest and most current.

Record deficiencies when they are first noted.

Communicate with the office in real time.


ESCTT has been providing superior, cutting-edge technological training and solutions to the construction industry since 1997. Through our Canadian Construction Association/Gold Seal accredited seminars, we help construction associations, companies and individual contractors to enhance productivity. It’s our mission to provide our customers with the analytical, planning and tracking tools to improve their project management.

Working with the Calgary Construction Association, the Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association, Ontario Road Builders Association, the Electrical Contractors Association of Ottawa, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Hamilton, GVCA, VRCA, VICA and numerous other associations and companies, has allowed us to develop tools specifically tailored for construction.


A tool to communicate construction projects

  • Go Mobile: Smartphone and Tablets

    Works on smartphones and tablets, cellular and WiFi.

  • Seamless Integration with MS Project

    Import your project plan and begin tracking. Complete synchronization is easy.

  • Communicate

    Project Changes, Delays, Impact, supporting photos and emails uploaded to a master repository in real time.

  • 2 Week Look Ahead

    Create a 2 week Look Ahead at the press of a button.

  • Photo documentation

    Document completed tasks with photos and words.

  • Make this information available to MS Project

    At any time, reincorporate the changes you’ve recorded back into MS Project and the project plan.

ProjectAddin: Sharing the Project Plan with the Team

A tool to share project plans and project progress in construction projects

Next Step

Any construction project can face multi-dimensional challenges. Work is delayed, penalties are imposed and opportunities are missed. ProjectAddin is a tool to share project information with the whole team in real time.

ProjectAddin communicates with ProjectMP

ProjectMP is an advanced, fully-featured web application that provides you with the tools to identify, analyze, and respond to changes. ProjectAddin integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project, so you can easily export projects to ProjectMP with just a click. Create a 2-week Look Ahead at the click of a button. Create a list of completed tasks to confirm progress. Add photos to any task or change. Identify any changes to tasks and update as necessary. All of the information is stored in a permanent repository. Finally, it is easy to record the ‘As-Built’ project schedule.

Work better, together

Our goal is to enhance ultimate capability within your organization. ProjectAddin has been designed with team in mind. We've made it easy to share project and change profiles with colleagues, partners and everyone who has a vested interest in a project.

ProjectAddin is a communication tool – an ideal vehicle for transferring knowledge, experience and company best practices – streamlining your process.

Go online

A project is rarely executed at your desk, so why should the planning be restricted to your office? Project Addin is designed to work efficiently on internet devices. So whether you're at the office or onsite, at your desk, or on your phone, ProjectAddin is always at your fingertips.

ProjectAddin Software Pricing

Pricing options to meet your budget

Monthly Membership

$5/ mo.

  • 24/7 Access to ProjectAddin
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects

Annual Membership

$59/ yr.

  • 24/7 Access to ProjectAddin
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects



  • 24/7 Access to ProjectAddin
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects

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